WiFi Systems for Advertisers

WS is a simple panel for launching, managing and obtaining statistics of advertising campaigns with accurate targeting. You can choose locations and upload or construct online different types of advertising.

Guarantee of viewing of your advertising materials by real users in certain locations
Powerful reporting and analytics of your campaign in real time
Huge targeting options: location, devicee type, operation system uniquness and time
The launch of an advertising campaign takes a couple of minutes
How WiFi Advertising works

Advertising Agencies

WiFi advertising is a hyper-local, geo-targeted, most-mobile, targeted advertising medium.
Give your clients highly effective geo-targeted campaign in few clicks - campaign launch takes from 3 to 10 minutes.
WS technically may be compared to AdWords + AdSense adding the precise geolocation targeting in Wi-Fi networks contrary to the contextual targeting on web-sites.

Wi-Fi Users

Users of WiFi hotspot

The user will certainly see your message before entering the web.

Advertising formats


  • Full screen banner
  • Double full screen (for restaurants, etc.)
  • Quiz, survey, voting
  • Interactive banner
  • Video banner
  • Сlick-to-install/download
Channels entering:
  • E-mail registration
  • SMS confirmation
  • Social login
Payments or specials:
  • Discount coupon
  • Payment
  • Special access

WiFi Advertising formats